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Page history last edited by Joe Essid 8 years, 9 months ago

Eng. 103 Fall 2009: Student Editing Groups


student with ye olde pirate ship...arrrr

Here 103 students have editing privileges.  BE CAREFUL not to delete pages too quickly and keep backups of all work.  "The wiki ate my project" is not an excuse for late work.


Scavenger-Hunt cash bonuses are listed by avatars' names.


Ways to Avoid Disaster Here  


Group 1: 

Elliot B [blog / wiki / Koinup] = Thumper Starsider

Patricia D [blog / wiki / Koinup] = Cinderella Caffarelli

Jenna F [blog / wiki / Koinup] = Fierce Soulstar


Group 2:

Chelsea F [blog / wiki / Koinup] = Skyler Hendes

Meghan H [blog / wiki / Koinup] = Jordin Myrtle

Sarah L [blog / wiki / Koinup] = Jamey Wonder (bonus: 50L)Go, Spiders!


Group 3:

Caroline M [blog / wiki / Koinup]= Jessi Claremont (bonus: 50L)

Ryan P [blog / wiki / Koinup]= Eliot Ellisson

Mike P [blog / wiki / Koinup] = Ihavebad Frostbite


Group 4:

Kat R [blog / wiki / Koinup] = Riley Gordie (bonus: 50L)

Caroline R [blog / wiki / Koinup] = Jennings Soulstar

Emily S [blog / wiki / Koinup]= Alyxx Alecto (bonus: 50L)


Group 5:

Ian S [blog / wiki / Koinup] = Skyler Intermenos

Jordan S [blog / wiki / Koinup] = Jordyn Charlesworth

Antoine W [blog / wiki / Koinup] = Jozi Oakleaf


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